Auto Services in Rio Rancho, NM

As a full-service auto repair shop, Dwain’s Automotive will provide your vehicle with absolutely anything it requires to perform flawlessly out on the road. From simple brake service in Rio Rancho, NM to complete engine repair or replacement, we do it all. Some of the core services we offer include:

  • Suspensions: We perform work on shocks, struts and other vital suspension components that may be damage or deteriorated over time. Let our team restore the smoothness of your everyday driving.
  • Brakes: As a complete brake repair shop in Rio Rancho, NM, we’ll put in the work to restore your biggest safety feature. From new pads, to repair for calipers and rotors, to line flushes and cylinder service, we do it all.
  • Advanced Electrical Diagnostics: Problems with dimming headlights or frequent jumpstarts? We perform critical electrical diagnostics to make sure all your electrical systems are operating at full capacity.
  • Engine Repairs: We offer full and complete engine repair in Rio Rancho, NM, to alleviate issues under the hood. From belts and hoses to engine rebuilds and repairs, we welcome engine repairs of all sizes and scopes.
  • Transmission Repairs: From flushes and case re-sealing to clutch repair and more, we’re your authority on transmission services. Our team takes pride in being able to tackle these tough and complicated repairs with expertise.
  • Alignments: Keep your vehicle straight and level with proper wheel alignments in Rio Rancho, NM. We’ll make sure you’re driving straight and true, reducing wear on tires and suspension components, while improving fuel economy.
  • Advanced Computer Diagnostics: Is your onboard computer running properly, to give your vehicle ideal engine performance? We’ll run OBD tests and correct anything that’s off, to give you total peace of mind.
  • Maintenance Services: There’s nothing more important than routine maintenance. Come to us for oil changes, filters, check engine light service and more. We do it all, to preserve the integrity and function of your car.
  • Tires: If your treads are looking thin or you need a new set of tires, we welcome you at our tire shop in Rio Rancho, NM. Our team will help you find the right treads for the right price.
  • Air Conditioning Repairs: Our certified technicians can perform many air conditioning services from testing and regular maintenance to complete A/C system repair. At Dwain’s Automotive, we are alway available to check your vehicle’s system, quickly diagnose the situation, and provide cost-effective repair solutions before it even becomes a problem.
  • Warranty Information

    As a TECH-NET professional, we take pride in offering customers high-quality Carquest Auto Parts, skilled automotive technicians and innovative consumer marketing programs. Our warranty program covers most parts and labor for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first when traveling more than 25 miles from the original service or repair facility.

    To schedule your automotive appointment with us, waste no time in calling 505-892-3337. We look forward to serving you and your vehicle.

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