August 19, 2017

Tracy Douglas

"Let me say, we've been under a streak of bad luck. My husbands truck was broken into, and by the grace of God, they couldn't start and steal. We had to have the locksmith out to replace ignition and outer lock. $300 for that. Then, because of it being broken into, the batteries needed to be changed. Another $300. My husband was hit on the interstate in a rental car doing 75 mph, thank the Lord he survived. Tried using this truck and now it won't start. I called Dwaine's and just got off the phone with Chris. He came out to our house and got our truck fixed right away! So thankful to Chris! What a knowledgeable and friendly mechanic."
August 10, 2017

Aaron Sandoval

"I was a little skeptical seeing Dwains had a 5-star rating but they truly deserve it. Fast, friendly service, affordable. I will definitely be back. Thank you."
December 23, 2016

David L. Mavrikakis

"Instead of several days, I got Zoe back late the following day. I'm not saying it's because they're mechanical wizards (which they are), but that they are merely a great place to take your vehicle to. Their prices are reasonable and they're honest. Two years ago they saved me about $1,000, and I'm sure this time they saved me quite a bit too. While I can do much work myself, sometimes you just don't want to deal with it. This time I needed a new heater core. While a relatively cheap piece of equipment, the labor is time-consuming. You pretty much have to rip out everything like the dash, steering wheel, etc just so you can get to where you need to be. It would have to take me days to do it and I probably would have just shot her with Clarice before I was finished. If you are in Albuquerque/Rio Rancho and need work done. I highly recommend Dwain's Automotive - Rio Rancho. I know I will be returning if something comes up I can't, or don't feel like doing. Thanks, Dave, once again."
October 13, 2016

Michelle May

"Break service for rear brakes and oil change: $300. Including a rotor grind and full engine and fluid check. Accommodating, fast and honest."
June 15, 2016

David Horner

"Very fast, affordable, professional, courteous and HONEST! What more could you possibly want?"